Hi, I’m Judy, a Canadian-based designer who loves exploring the world. I strive to create designs that promote simplicity, elegance, and clarity. I am not just a designer who fixes problems, but one who empathetically helps users and businesses achieve their design goals. 

I’ve had amazing experiences traveling across Asia, being exposed to rich cultures and seeing breathtaking landscapes. The time was meaningful, especially the four years I spent in South Korea. But something was missing.

I kept having this urge to pursue a career in the design field. I decided to go with my gut and move back home. I enrolled in a UI design course and found myself immersed in the assignments. I learned a lot about the fundamentals of design and user experience, and knew that this was the right career path for me. 

UI can help people in versatile ways, especially with making things easier, accessible, and comfortable for users. This is something I do. I love listening to people and helping them. I want to expand my network to help others by creating beautiful, simple and accessible designs. 

Feel free to say hello or reach out to me at judylee791@gmail.com

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